Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

**What IS therapy?

It’s essentially whatever you want it to be! I can help process feelings about the past, current situations, concerns about another and how to handle him/her. I use an integrative therapy approach, which means I’ll help in the best way for YOU.

**Does seeking therapy mean there’s something wrong with me?

NO! Many people seek help with situations, and although you may not realize it, therapy may be why a person seems so well put together! If you do have a serious mental illness that requires medication, I can work closely with your doctor to improve your overall health.

**Will others find out I’m in therapy?

No. Everything is strictly confidential unless you give consent to share information, and even then it’s only “need to know.” Exceptions to this would be if you are a danger to yourself or others, are a minor being abused, or you are abusing others. Then, by law, I am required to report to the authorities.

**What are your fees?

My rates are $185 for the initial assessment and $160 for ongoing sessions as of June 1, 2022. I’m credentialed with some insurance companies which at this time are BCBS, Health Alliance, Humana, Cigna, United Behavioral Health (Optum, UMR) and Caterpillar UHC. I can also provide out of network services in which you pay up front and submit to your insurance company yourself for reimbursement. I take cash, check or credit for your convenience.

**What are your hours?

Monday through Thursday 10 am-8 pm. I am unavailable Friday through Sunday.