About Me


My Approach

I am the sole employee in my practice, which means you will receive personal service whether over the phone, via email or in person. I believe in personalized service in which you, the client, help create your treatment plan according to your self-identified goals and thus, create your own destiny. I provide an environment free from judgement and provide encouragement and support.

My Story

I’ve been in the Peoria, IL area most of my life. I’ve attended local public schools and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Education degree from Eastern Illinois University in December of 1997. My degree specialization is in Guidance and Counseling – Community Counseling. I began working with people with disabilities while attending school and have continued to work since then not only in that area but also in mental health and addictions. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor through the State of Illinois, and I hold Certifications in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Problem and Compulsive Gambling Counseling. I’ve provided education services to the community on a variety of topics, including gambling addiction, sex addiction, shopping/spending addiction and abstinence vs harm reduction (in addiction recovery). If you have any questions or would like to know anything else about me or my background, feel free to ask!